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Activate your data and boost effectivity, quality and employee satisfaction

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Employees waste multiple hours each day searching in vain for information within the company. More often than not this is caused by too many different knowledge sources and poor search functionality. With Unifront we put a transparent layer on top of your current data sources and expose exactly the information you want in a single unified overview. Using a state of the art AI-driven search engine your employees can search information exactly as they're used to from Google.


The wasted hours...

According to a recent survey (2022) company of 5000 employees will on average waste 1,476,000 hours each year searching for information. That is an insanely high number and even just half of that is unacceptable. We believe the goal should be ZERO hours wasted! 

Besides the obvious massive economic expense for the company this is also a huge source of frustration for employees. We know that this problem is HARD solve and it is only getting worse as more products are acquired. This is why we have developed a solution that is easy to implement, interactive and much more modern than most current internal search engines.

Use case

Company X has Sharepoint, Jira, and Cherwell.
To search or request something employees may need to access either of these systems.
These two flows describe how it is typically done today vs how it is done with Unifront. 
Use case comparison.png

Unifront Benefits



Employees searching in Unifront know that if they don't find something relevant it is because the information does not exist and they can safely contact the Service Desk.



In current setups employees get increasingly frustrated as they are redirected between systems not knowing which is the correct one for them. 



As employees are finding what they need more consistently with Unifront, the Service Desk is freed up to focus on critical requests.

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