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Aim Right Team

A small IT company with dedicated employees that specialize in software integrations. Whether you need a concrete solution or just guidance, we have SaaS products and deliver consultancy services as well.


Jeppe Gotha Jørgensen

Partner & CEO

Jeppe has over 20 years of experience helping some of the largest danish companies implement their service management solutions. On a day to day basis he provides consulting services and is responsible for making sure we deliver satisfactory results on time.

+45 31 20 68 78

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Peter Nicolai Skovgaard

Partner and CTO

With a software background and more than 10 years of experience as a consultant, Peter has the foundation for providing solutions that are technically advanced, but also in line with our customers' requirements. He is primarily responsible for the ongoing design and development of our software products.

+45 27 12 28 72

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