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In recent years IT Service Management has seamlessly evolved into simply Service Management as business areas get increasingly more dependent on IT.

We have followed this development from inside the eye of the hurricane and this has given us some very specialized skills in terms of merging process requirements into IT products.




What we do

With our years (and years…) of designing, analyzing, and implementing services in major Service Management platforms such as Cherwell, HPSM, and ServiceNow we have a very specialized set of competencies in transforming business needs and ideas into fully functioning processes together with our customers.

In 2022 and onwards, implementing a new process will 99% of the time require some sort of integration between systems or data sources. Which is why in the past ten years we have focused heavily not only on processes, but also on becoming experts in integrations as well. Both designing them and implementing them whether it is minor system-system integrations or larger cloud-based asynchronous integrations using tools such as Azure or Boomi.


This gives us the ability to:

  • Guide and aid you in building your processes (IT and business alike) from A-Z

  • Design (and even Implement) integrations you don’t have skills or resources for in-house during a project.

  • Recognize common (and uncommon!) pitfalls when implementing larger processes

Image by Chris Liverani

How we work

We will always be honest with you, good or bad.

As a small company we are very hands-on and pragmatic in our approach to solving problems and we will tell you if we think you are making a mistake or wasting time, but we will of course try to say it as politely as possible! We encourage you to do the same to us.

We are very selective in who we work with and avoid companies that command instead of collaborate, have unrealistic deadlines and worst of all have large superfluous meetings.

What we do encourage is frequent communication, alignment about your requirements, and keeping promises. This may sound fluffy and generic, but these three points are always the sinners in failed or costly projects. We believe that the risk of running into these are way smaller with us than with a large consulting company that have a million other projects.


We will definitely not be the reason that a project is delayed.

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