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Aim Documentation

A Lightweight software system documentation tool

The problem

System documentation often quickly gets outdated or never even written in the first place. In our experience this is caused by:

  1. In-system documentation being inaccesible or hard to understand

  2. Cross-system documentation having multiple stakeholders

  3. Lack of knowledge about impacts of changes to functionality

The problems above are hard to solve with most current tools because complex IT-infrastructure with many integrations is hard to represent in writing and a lot of employee knowledge is required to know when what should be updated.

The solution

Aim Documentation is a SaaS product built on a graph database which naturally emulates an IT environment and the systems within it. Some of the major features are:

  • Build a graph representing your IT-infrastructure with the level of detail you desire using a simple user-interface.

  • See relations between entities in your model and do impact analysis when making any changes.

  • Get a description of your IT environment.

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